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California Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Law

California Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Law California businesses have a couple of options to deal with dire financial conditions, and filing for a Chapter 11 bankruptcy can be an attractive option. However, it can be a bit complex, and to be … Continue reading

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TILA law: Truth in Lending $2,000.00 for violation, statutory damages; I paid more for the Audit ?? !!

TRUTH-IN-LENDING DISCLOSURE REQUIREMENTS, VIOLATIONS, AND REMEDIES PURPOSE OF THE TRUTH-IN-LENDING ACT (TILA) TILA seeks to assure meaningful disclosure of credit terms and conditions that the consumer will be informed with accurate costs and benefits of their credit transaction, allowing them … Continue reading

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Foreclosure Deed may be Voided by Mortgage Transfer or Servicing Problems

By Max Gardner A Federal District Court, in a December 7 order, has denied a motion to dismiss a homeowner’s lawsuit to set aside the nonjudicial Missouri foreclosure sale based on a deed of trust, based on allegations that 1) … Continue reading

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National Association of Realtors to fight foreclosure

National Association of Realtors to fight foreclosure In September and October 2010, several lenders suspended foreclosures due to questions about whether the transactions were being processed consistent with applicable state law requirements. NAR Says Families Will Suffer if Foreclosure Freeze … Continue reading

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No Default The Servicer is making the payments !!!

In the sercuritization game there are many co-obligors and you may not be in default after all. In the pooling agreement the servicer must agree to advance payment in the event of a missed payment by debtor. Who is the … Continue reading

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Latest ruling on Civil Code 2923.5

B. Perata Mortgage Relief Act, Cal. Civ. Code § 2923.5 Plaintiffs’ second cause of action arises under the Perata Mortgage Relief Act, Cal. Civ. Code § 2923.5. Plaintiffs argue U.S. Bank is liable for monetary damages under this provision because … Continue reading

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How to Use MERS on Deed of Trust or Mortgage

It is time to use the presence of MERS on the originating loan paperwork as an OFFENSIVE TACTIC. Most states have some version of the statute below. It is simply common sense. A creditor is not a creditor unless they … Continue reading

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