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Chapter 11 Bankruptcy basic

       Chapter 11 bankruptcy is a reorganization procedure used by businesses, including sole proprietors, partnerships, and corporations. The debtor in chapter 11 files a petition which includes a list of assets and liabilities, and a detailed statement of financial … Continue reading

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Mortgage Debt & Home Equity

Mortgage Fees in Chapter 13: Rules to the Rescue? posted by Gene Wedoff In a February post to Credit Slips, Katie Porter pointed out a recurring problem for U.S. debtors trying to deal with mortgage defaults through a Chapter 13 … Continue reading

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Foreclosures May Be Undone by State Ruling on Mortgage Transfer

Categorized | STOP FORECLOSURE FRAUD Foreclosures May Be Undone by State Ruling on Mortgage Transfer Posted on06 January 2011. Tags: AMICUS BRIEF, antonio, assignment of mortgage, boston, dinsfla, foreclosure fraud, glenn f. russell, ibanez, jamie ranney, laRace, marie mcdonnell, mark … Continue reading

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Why modify

California Loan Modification Lawyer (Effective October 11, 2009  The McCandless Firm complies with SB 94) By now, you may have made your own attempts at loan modification. You now know what we have known: Despite all the government and media … Continue reading

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Foreclosure Deed may be Voided by Mortgage Transfer or Servicing Problems

By Max Gardner A Federal District Court, in a December 7 order, has denied a motion to dismiss a homeowner’s lawsuit to set aside the nonjudicial Missouri foreclosure sale based on a deed of trust, based on allegations that 1) … Continue reading

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Some judges chastise banks over foreclosure paperwork

Gallery Thousands of foreclosures are put on hold During the housing boom, millions of homeowners got easy access to mortgages. Now, some mortgage lenders and government officials are taking action after discovering that many mortgage documents were mishandled. » LAUNCH … Continue reading

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BofA Finds Foreclosure Document Errors

BofA Finds Foreclosure Document Errors   By DAN FITZPATRICK Bank of America Corp. for the first time acknowledged finding some mistakes in foreclosure files as it begins to resubmit documents in 102,000 cases. The Charlotte, N.C., lender discovered errors in … Continue reading

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