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California Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Law

California Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Law California businesses have a couple of options to deal with dire financial conditions, and filing for a Chapter 11 bankruptcy can be an attractive option. However, it can be a bit complex, and to be … Continue reading

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How Creditors Get Paid Under a Chapter 11 Plan

Obviously, the debtor doesn’t have sufficient ready funds to pay all creditors at the time of filing. Instead, an approved plan relies on future business earnings and profits to address creditor debts. The debt claims are prioritized with taxes owed … Continue reading

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Things You Must Do Prior to Filing Bankruptcy

Stop using your credit cards and don’t incur any additional credit. Once you have made the decision to file bankruptcy, you should not use your credit cards nor incur any additional credits from that point forward. Any recent purchases or … Continue reading

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An individual Chapter 11 bankruptcy may be better for you than Chapter 13

by Chip Parker, Jacksonville Bankruptcy Attorney on October 25, 2009 · Posted in Chapter 11 Bankruptcy In my 17 years of practicing bankruptcy law, I have never been as excited by anything as the development of the individual Chapter 11 … Continue reading

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Mortgage Chaos? Add a Bankruptcy and its a Recipe for Disaster! Part II

My last article laid out the framework for the bankruptcy real estate cocktail. This article will attempt to predict how that cocktail will be served and its ramifications. Remember, this recipe for disaster requires two things: a “Non-Perfected” Mortgage and … Continue reading

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2009-12-10 — ml-implode.com “House Rules Committee agreed to allow the bankruptcy modification amendment THAT WOULD ALLOW JUDGES TO MODIFY MORTGAGES to be considered on the House floor as an amendment to the broader financial services reform bill AS EARLY AS … Continue reading

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How to Stop Foreclosure

This is general information and assumes that you have access to the rest of the material on the blog. Foreclosures come in various flavors. First of all you have non-judicial and judicial foreclosure states. Non-judicial basically means that instead of … Continue reading

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