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Some judges chastise banks over foreclosure paperwork

Gallery Thousands of foreclosures are put on hold During the housing boom, millions of homeowners got easy access to mortgages. Now, some mortgage lenders and government officials are taking action after discovering that many mortgage documents were mishandled. » LAUNCH … Continue reading

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Possession of the note "NO" recorded assignment "YES" civil code 2932.5 CARTER v. DEUTSCHE BANK NATIONAL TRUST COMPANY (N.D.Cal. 1-27-2010)

Some courts appear to have reasoned that plaintiff’s position Page 29 would create an explicit conflict with the statute’s provisions. The statute authorizes the “trustee, mortgagee, or beneficiary, or any of their authorized agents” to initiate foreclosure. Cal. Civ. Code … Continue reading

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Fannie Mae Policy Now Admits Loan Not Secured

Posted 14 hours ago by Neil Garfield on Livinglies’s Weblog 29248253-Mers-May-Not-Foreclosure-for-Fannie-Mae Editor’s Note: Their intention was to get MERS and servicers out of the foreclosure business. They now say that prior to foreclosure MERS must assign to the real party … Continue reading

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Ortiz v. Accredited Home Lenders

UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT SOUTHERN DISTRICT OF CALIFORNIA Docket Number available at http://www.versuslaw.com Citation Number available at http://www.versuslaw.com July 13, 2009 ERNESTO ORTIZ; ARACELI ORTIZ, PLAINTIFFS, v. ACCREDITED HOME LENDERS, INC.; LINCE HOME LOANS; CHASE HOME FINANCE, LLC; U.S. BANK … Continue reading

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90% Forclosures Wrongful

A wrongful foreclosure action typically occurs when the lender starts a non judicial foreclosure action when it simply has no legal cause. This is even more evident now since California passed the Foreclosure prevention act of 2008 SB 1194 codified … Continue reading

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No lawyer, no law

Pro bono publico Redeeming the touch of justice that brought each of us to the Bar By Howard B. Miller President, State Bar of California Miller Unfortunately the colloquial meaning of pro bono has become legal services for free, at … Continue reading

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