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4 Responses to 1 CLASS ACTION VIDEO

  1. I feel ripped off, By the system I trusted.

  2. chrislegal,sr says:

    please email 1 class action video and tila law suit with stay of eviction for no disclosures and tila viiolaitons

  3. Will says:

    Why did my loan number change when the service
    of the my loan changed? My loan was originated with Downey savings and sold just before they were seized in Nov 2008. I have found the the original loan number still active in a mortgage loan trust. I went to the county recorders office and the grantee is still Downey Saving from 2008. Are the banks possibly using the new second loan number also as collateral backing in a MBS ? How do a find out if my deed has been assigned if the country recorder information has not been updated ?

    • Alice says:

      Bank of America foreclosed my property after I filed chap 13, and they were notified by the lawyer in time to stop it. they even told the lawyer that the trustee sale would be stopped but we later found out that they sold my property to third party.
      What should I do about that. do I have a case.

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